Adult ministries are part of our core programming at Berean, since we seek to "present every person complete in Christ." (Ephesians 4:7-16) We believe that as adults grow in their relationships with God and one another, they will be empowered to live for Christ and to raise their children in the training and instruction of the Lord.

Berean Series

The Berean Series is a sequence of classes that introduces newer attenders to our beliefs and practices based on the Word of God. As an attender, you will learn about our church, beliefs, church membership, and opportunities to grow and serve. It is offered twice a year, usually during the first hour. The classes are listed below in order:

Berean 101: Introduction to Berean Community Church

Berean 102: Getting connected to Berean Community (you will be offered an opportunity to become a member of BCC at the end of this class)

Berean 201: Committed to Maturity in Christ

Berean 202: The Exchanged Life

Berean 301-304: This series helps you discover your spiritual gifts and shows you how to use them to expand God's kingdom.

Berean 401: Experiencing Jesus Christ as your life and ministry.

If you have questions about the Berean Series, feel free to contact Jim Kluth, director of adult enrichment, at or call the church office at 507-289-4179.

Disciple Training

Our mission as a church to to develop devoted, joyful disciple makers of Jesus Christ.  To that end, we offer many opportunities for spiritual growth where ever you may find yourself in your journey with Jesus Christ. Our children, student, singles, women, and men ministries each are focused on helping people make spiritual progress.

Sunday Electives

At Berean Community Church we believe that studying the Word of God will lead to a deeper relationship with God and a better knowledge of His will for us. For this reason we offer Sunday enrichment classes.

We encourage all adults who are not serving simultaneously in another ministry to participate in these electives. There is no monetary cost and you can join an elective at any time.

If you are a newer attender and want to learn more about plugging in at Berean, please consider signing up for the Berean Series.


The men's ministry prepares men to be more effective men of God by providing opportunities to encourage each other, be trained in life skills and grow in their walk with Jesus Christ. This is done through Men's Breakfasts, Retreats, Small Groups, Special Outreaches and 1-1 Discipleship.

The Men's Ministry at Berean has a group on Facebook. The purpose of this group is to share information on upcoming activities, photos from previous events, and thoughts on a variety of subjects.


The women's ministry reaches out to women with Christ's love and encourages their growth in Christ. We seek to unify women through outreach, worship, fellowship, Bible study and service. This is done through a Mentoring Program, Bible Studies, Retreats, and Special Outreaches.

For more information on the Women's Ministries at Berean Community Church send an email to