Church body

One question people ask themselves when visiting a Church is "Do I fit in here?" The best way to answer this question is by visiting for a service, but below, you can learn more about some of Berean's regular attenders. Above all else, we are a Church of ordinal people who desire to serve, honor, and follow the Lord.

The Korabeks

Hello! We are Tim and Rose Korabek. We started attending Berean about seven years ago when we moved to the area. We have two teenage sons, Christopher and Caleb. We also have a daughter, Jessica, who is married to Jonas and lives in La Crosse, WI. We started coming to Berean after visiting several area churches and praying with our kids. At Berean, we already knew several families through scouting, soccer and the Berean homeschool coop. We liked the focus on the Bible, worship, friendliness and service opportunities. Tim is an elder, we lead a Life Together Group, and Rose is involved in Outreach through the In His Name food distribution charity. Through trials and celebrations, our Berean sisters and brothers have stood with us. Berean is a great place to raise a family and be part of the family of God!

The Downers

Hello!  We are the Downer family. John is an Air Force brat who moved a lot but calls Virginia home.  Naomi was born and raised in Rochester and Byron. We met doing mission work in Austria and got married a few years later, in 2003. Brennan was born in 2007, at the tail-end of our four years in Orlando, Florida. Owen came along in 2010 when we were in Richmond, Virginia. After six years in Richmond a job offer at Mayo allowed us to move closer to Naomi's family. We arrived here in August 2014 and began attending Berean about six weeks later. We were immediately attracted to the focus on studying the Word and the friendly, welcoming environment. We have enjoyed being part of two Life Together Groups. John leads the missions team and serves as an usher and on the prayer team.  Naomi volunteers with Awana's and lends her voice to the worship team. We hope that many others will have the opportunity to find a home at Berean, just like we have.