faith differences

Explanation of differences between Berean Community Church Statement of Faith and Berean Fellowship Articles of Faith

The pastors and elders of Berean Community Church have made three changes to the articles, in areas we believe represent non-essentials:

Sign Gifts

In statement #4, we have removed the last sentence that says "God in His sovereignty still works in miraculous ways; however, we understand that the sign gifts have served their purpose and should not be expected in the church today." We believe that Scripture teaches the sign gifts are still here today.

Eschatology (End Times)

Statement #10 has been reworded to eliminate any specific reference to a premillenial, pretribulational position. We believe what is essential is that the Bible teaches that Jesus will return to conclude HIStory. He will judge and all will live forever, either with Him (heaven) or apart from Him (lake of fire). While many in the church personally see scriptural support for the premillenial and pretribulational views, we don't believe it should be made a test for membership in Christ's church.


We have made a minor change to statement #6 so that it is not committed to either view of the atonement (Arminian or Reformed).