Our Nation and the World

We are privileged to partner with the following individuals, families and organizations in bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. They represent people called out from our church and our community and others whom we’ve developed a connection to through various means. They represent our heart and our Savior’s heart by reaching the unreached and many who could be described as “the least of these”, including refugees, orphans, the elderly, the poor and women living in highly patriarchal societies.

Prem Gideon

Location: New Delhi, India
Organization: Anurag Society

Prem pictured on right

Prem pictured on right

Prem Gideon founded the Anurag Society in 1992 to serve women and children in an impoverished part of New Delhi. It began with 25 children in an after-school program, but now serves over 600 women and children each day through their daycare program, K-8 school, after-school program, sewing and tailoring school for young adults, computer courses, adult literacy program and a healthcare clinic. Anurag also employs 68 staff members, mostly women from the local community. Prem is supported by several churches in Minnesota and has had a connection to several Berean members for many years.

Michael and Heather Jurrens

Location: preparing to go to Lille, France
Organization: International Association for Refugees (IAFR)


Michael, Heather and their four children are preparing for ministry to refugees and asylum seekers in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais area, as they survive and recover from forced displacement. In partnership with the local church and another family who has been in refugee ministry for over 20 years, their goal is to start a refugee ministry day center. The Jurrens are long-time Rochester residents with extensive local ministry experience. 

Haley Reynolds Sanchez

Location: based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; leads short-term trips to the Caribbean
Organization: Praying Pelican Missions


Haley, who grew up at Berean, is a Mission Coordinator at Praying Pelican Missions. In this role she serves as the bridge between short-term mission groups and the pastors and churches in the countries they visit. She coordinates all aspects of the short-term visit, ensuring that the groups will make a significant positive contribution to the local church’s ministry. Haley’s goal – and Praying Pelicans – is to facilitate true partnerships, long-term relationships and sustainable ministry.


Location: Middle East

Emily is a member of our congregation currently serving in the Middle East.  She is learning Arabic with a long-term goal to use medicine as a way of building relationships.

Samy and Hala Tanagho

Location: based in Orange County, California; worldwide ministry reach
Organization: Glad News for Muslims


Samy and Hala’s ministry, Glad News for Muslims, exists to communicate the Good News of God’s love and salvation effectively to Muslims, and to encourage and equip churches and individual believers to do the same. Samy and Hala are originally from Egypt and have lived in the U.S. since 1980. Samy travels regularly to Minnesota to teach and train churches in how to effectively evangelize Muslims.


Pastor Iladore pictured on left

Pastor Iladore pictured on left

Berean has a long-standing commitment to the country of Haiti. In partnership with Grace Missions, we invest primarily in two areas:

  • Our sister church in Ennery, L’Eglise Baptiste de la Grace d’Ennery. Berean purchased land for their first church building back in 2000 and through short-term trips almost every year since then we have improved the building and brought encouragement, teaching, training and the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our sister church is ably led by Pastor Iladore.

  • Grace Mission compound in Limbe. Ray and Bonnie Van Slyke began an orphanage there in 2004. There are currently 31 children living there, ranging in age from 2 to 19. Five or six Haitians work there to care for the children, cook and clean. Every child has a sponsor that helps cover many of their expenses.

Mission Evangelique Galilee (MEG)

Location: Kitwit, Democratic Republic of Congo, and many other locations in Africa and Europe

MEG Pastors 2013.jpg

We have supported MEG in their effort to share the truth of the Gospel with the people of the D.R. Congo and the surrounding area since 2002. In that time they have grown from 17 churches to 38, including some in Europe. Their founder, Pastor Bob Mankaka, currently lives in Rochester.