Youth ministries at Berean are comprised of Middle (6th-8th grade) and High School (9th-12th grade) groups. The overarching goal of the student ministry leadership team is to prepare middle and high school students to know and walk with God.


Overarching goals

  1. We desire to equip parents and partner with them as they strive to train their students to know Jesus Christ in a personal way. Faith in Jesus Christ for eternal salvation is only the beginning. An intimate, life altering walk with Jesus in one's daily life is the ultimate goal.
  2. We desire to share the timeless truths of Scripture in creative and relevant ways.
  3. We desire to create a safe and fun environment where students can interact with peers and find love and encouragement from a trained leadership team.
  4. We desire to provide opportunities for the students to express their love and commitment to Jesus Christ by serving others with their individual gifts and abilities. Come on in and check out what is going on in BCC middle and high school youth ministry.

Middle School

Middle School Campout (2016)

Middle School Campout (2016)

Middle school is a formative period in the life of a youth as it represents a time in which students are beginning to examine their faith and make it their own. The Middle School Ministry at Berean has two primary purposes. First, to ignite and nurture an authentic and passionate relationship with Jesus Christ in middle schoolers. This involves creating a comfortable space in which youth can explore their faith and ask tough questions. Second, to come along side parents and support them in their efforts to disciple their middle school aged youth.

Community and relationship are important elements in how Middle School Ministry takes place, beginning first and foremost with a true trust and faith in Jesus Christ. During the school year, Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights are the main times for connecting. Sunday School for middle school is  from 9:00-10:00 am. This is a time mainly for whole group, in-depth studies into God's word. We also meet on Wednesday nights  from 6:30-8:15 pm. Teaching, small group discussions, praise & worship, and group games is the format on these evenings. Throughout the year, various service and outreach opportunities are also offered. On both Sundays and Wednesdays, you will find us hanging out in room 132.

Current Middle School Leadership Team: Alex Fleming, Dave & Becky Atwood, Cliff Johnson, Emily Sorensen, & Justin & Kristina Sokol


High School

The Senior High Ministry strives to ignite high school students (grades 9-12) into a passionate relationship with Christ. Our mission is to assist parents in mentoring their youth to become joy-filled, strong, obedient followers of Christ.

Our Purpose

Assist parents and families to help their senior high student adopt the practice of treasuring Christ.

Our Goal

Our ministry is strongly based on building relationships with God and each other, becoming real with each other (eliminate the "Sunday School" mask), and taking risks in our pursuit of holy living.

Our Program

During the school year, our program consists of a weekly Sunday School where the group is led in a large group discussion by one of the adult leaders. At times we will divide into small groups to allow for deeper and more honest dialogue about the morning's topic. We also have a Wednesday night program where we offer games, worship, fellowship, and a discussion time. Throughout the year, we offer service projects, activities, missions' trips and retreats along with mentorships between students and leaders. While we feel program is important, we strive to ensure we don't lose our focus on the relationship we have with God and with each other. BCC High School Leadership Team (Alex & Kelsey Fleming, Kevin and Katie Wendzel, Jen Kramer, and Todd & Rachel Hicks).

Current High School Leadership Team: Alex & Kelsey Fleming, Zhade Carlin, Heath Hanson, Todd & Rachel Hicks, Linda Hunsberger,  Kevin & Katie Wendzel


Permission Form

In an effort to ensure student safety, we ask that a permission form be complete for both Middle and High School students each year. This form is for all events that take place outside of our usual Sunday morning and Wednesday night activities at the Church.

2018-2019 Permission Form

2018 Messy Olympics

Highlights from the 2018 Messy Olympics held at Berean Community Church!