Our Community

Neighborhood Events

Throughout the year it is our desire to love our neighbors as ourselves. We welcome our neighbors to use our facility and to join us as in other activities as well. Some of these events include the Neighborhood's National Night Out, Fall Festival and a Winter Jazz Fest. It is our desire to come alongside our neighbors and meet their needs as best we can.

Contacts: Paul and Lynn Larsen

Vacation Bible School

Each summer, we have a week of outreach for children called Vacation Bible School. The theme is different each year and the event usually occurs at the end of July or beginning of August. This is a time in which children have fun while learning the truth of Jesus' love for them.

Contact: Rose Korabek

Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge - Rochester

Since it's opening in January 2014, Berean Community Church has formed a partnership with the Rochester branch of Minnesota Adult snd Teen Challenge (MNTC). MNTC is a faith-based, substance abuse treatment facility that offers both a short and long-term program. Bereans support MNTC in a number of ways such as hosting banquets, attending Teen Challenge events, and by through mentoring residents.


One of the regular ways men at Berean interact with residents of Teen Challenge is through a softball league that plays weekly during the summer. Berean also has a team that competes weekly with other local Churches.

Contact: Mike Amundson